Brazil vs Belgium launch of a star

Which is the leading role of the next generation? Brazil vs. Belgium's launch of a star

Brazil and Belgium will play against each other in the quarter-finals game on the 6th in Russia World Cup. Prior to the game, both teams announced the starting members

Brazil will struggle to win the 6th most ever victory. The most recent victorious countries such as Germany and Spain are quickly eliminated, so we have won the race successfully so far. In addition to individual player ability, "Kingdom" who has shown the first time in a match by director Zitchi will be the most promising candidate for the tournament

Such Brazil already revealed the starting members who will be announced almost one hour before the game normally. There has not been any change there, and the mainstays such as Neymar and Cuccinho are on the front lines. Marcelo returned to the left side back, and I went for this one game with the best members

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It is against Belgium. In round 16, while getting two points ahead of the Japanese national team, Felini and Shadri regain the flow, reversing to the latter half additional time. It showed the thickness of the players' layer and became 8 stronger.

Such Belgium changed 2 players from the previous game. I have started Felini and Shadri who were active in Japan.

Football is of course team sports, but in order to win the title Ace's success is indispensable. Speaking of both teams, Brazil is Neumar and Belgium is Azar.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Russian World Cup where the athletes who have towed football to this point have left. Which team leads the team to victory, which team will be the main players of the next generation?

◆ Brazil Representative Members

GK: Allison
DF: Fagunel, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Marcelo
MF: Fernandinho, Paulinho, Couchinho
FW: Willian, Neymar, Gabriev Jesus

◆ Belgian Representative Members

GK: Kurtwa
DF: Feltingen, Compagny, Aldelweiret
MF: Vizzel, Felani, Shadri, Munier
FW: Azar, Lukaku, De Blaine

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