Cleveland Browns Scribbles: Perfection, mistakes "photos"

1. After the game, Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson said: "Everything has to be perfect for us to win a football game ... we all know that football isn't played that way."
2. Even on the radio all the way from England, you could hear the discouragement in Jackson's voice. In this game, their lack of talent and experience was so obvious. The way you make up for some mistakes -- and imperfections -- is with big plays. The Browns have very few playmakers on the roster.
3. Sometimes coaches say that because they really don't know what else they can do to change the course of the season. They work hard. The players work hard. They try different strategies. But they just keep losing.
4. This was the kind of game that a good team could win ... and a losing team finds a way to lose. And the Browns are now 0-8. They were in front, 13-12, at the half. They were behind, 23-16, after three quarters. But then they wore down and folded, outscored, 17-0, in the fourth quarter.

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